Bolster,Round,6",x,Insert,$23,PROLINEMAX,Polye,Pillow,/Ardisia30893.html,,Small,23",Long,Home Kitchen , Bedding $23 PROLINEMAX Small 23" x 6" Bolster Pillow Round Long Insert Polye Home Kitchen Bedding $23 PROLINEMAX Small 23" x 6" Bolster Pillow Round Long Insert Polye Home Kitchen Bedding PROLINEMAX Small 23" x 6" Bolster Long Round Pillow Insert 2021 model Polye PROLINEMAX Small 23" x 6" Bolster Long Round Pillow Insert 2021 model Polye Bolster,Round,6",x,Insert,$23,PROLINEMAX,Polye,Pillow,/Ardisia30893.html,,Small,23",Long,Home Kitchen , Bedding


PROLINEMAX Small 23" x 6" Bolster Pillow Round Long Insert Polye


PROLINEMAX Small 23" x 6" Bolster Pillow Round Long Insert Polye

Product description

  • Premium Small Bolster Pillow Insert ONLY
  • Bolster Pillow Insert: 1000 Gram of Fiberfill and Sheet Polyester
  • 3 Layers: Polyester Fiberfill, Polyester Fiber-sheet and Dacron Wrap
  • Bolster Pillow Dimension:
    A: 23" (fits cover up to 25" length)
    B: 6" (fits cover up to 8" diameter)
  • Packaging: Vacuum Packed
  • Allow 48 hours to restore back to original thickness after opening package
  • Tips: Please cover or store cushion pillow in rainy season
  • Cleaning: Soap clean and then rinse off with water hose. Outdoor durable!
  • Quantity: 1

PROLINEMAX Small 23" x 6" Bolster Pillow Round Long Insert Polye

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