Support,Max-Lift,/Ardisia396993.html,,Lift,Automotive , Performance Parts Accessories,901855,Gas-Charged,$23 Max-Lift 901855 Gas-Charged Support Lift Under blast sales Support,Max-Lift,/Ardisia396993.html,,Lift,Automotive , Performance Parts Accessories,901855,Gas-Charged,$23 $23 Max-Lift 901855 Gas-Charged Lift Support Automotive Performance Parts Accessories $23 Max-Lift 901855 Gas-Charged Lift Support Automotive Performance Parts Accessories Max-Lift 901855 Gas-Charged Support Lift Under blast sales

Max-Lift 901855 Gas-Charged Support Lift Under In stock blast sales

Max-Lift 901855 Gas-Charged Lift Support


Max-Lift 901855 Gas-Charged Lift Support

Product description

Millions of vehicle owners rely on gas charged lift supports to lift and hold open trunks, hatches, hoods, and even glove boxes. When these fail, they must be replaced to restore convenience and safety. Max-Lift® gas charged lift supports are engineered to fit and perform as well as the original units.

Max-Lift 901855 Gas-Charged Lift Support

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