$24 Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer, Wood Shabby Chic Jewelry Holder Home Kitchen Storage Organization Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer Shabby Wood Chic shipfree Holder Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,$24,Wall,Mounted,Wood,/Ardisia408093.html,to-on.info,Holder,Organizer,,Jewelry,Jewelry,Chic,Shabby Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer Shabby Wood Chic shipfree Holder Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,$24,Wall,Mounted,Wood,/Ardisia408093.html,to-on.info,Holder,Organizer,,Jewelry,Jewelry,Chic,Shabby $24 Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer, Wood Shabby Chic Jewelry Holder Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Wall Mounted Jewelry Ranking TOP13 Organizer Shabby Wood Chic shipfree Holder

Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer, Wood Shabby Chic Jewelry Holder


Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer, Wood Shabby Chic Jewelry Holder

Product description


Use this beautiful jewelry manager to store your various jewelry accessories! Hang your unique earrings and ornaments on the wire net, the bracelet on the bracelet rod, and the necklace on the convenient 16 hooks at the bottom. This high-quality jewelry box is made of solid paulownia wood, which is one of the strongest and lightest wood in the world and widely used in industries that need very light and solid wood. And also made of recycled iron, can be used for a lifetime! So you can put all kinds of bracelets, watches, earrings, small cosmetics and so on safely to make sure they don't fall down. This Jewelry Holder is light in weight, but strong enough to put your favorite things in the right place, completely in line with your needs. The simple installation method greatly reduces your worries and fears about the installation. With the attached installation hardware, you can be sure that installing this jewelry manager is a piece of cake! Screws and gypsum board anchors have been included, so you will be on your wall at any time. No assembly required. The perfect size, the right shelf and 16 storage hooks make this hanging jewelry storage box perfect for your living room, bedroom or corridor.


1. Brand new and high quality with better painted

2. Light amp; sturdy paulownia wood

3. Efortless installation

4. Lightweight and portable

5. Convenient and practical


Frame Material: Paulownia Wood

Color: Brown

Overall Dimensions: (16.4 x 3.2 x 9.5)" / (41.6 x 8 x 23.8)cm(L x W x H)

Package Includes:

1 x Brown Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer, Wood Shabby Chic Jewelry Holder

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