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Angashion Women's Floral Crop Top Maxi Piece Skirt Set Max 49% OFF Outfit 2 Factory outlet

Angashion Women's Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set 2 Piece Outfit


Angashion Women's Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set 2 Piece Outfit

From the brand

Angashion Women's Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set 2 Piece Outfit Dress

Our story

How we got our start?
Angashion was started in 2015 and now is one of the fastest growing brands on Amazon. Began from the USA, we have then spread our business to many countries including Canada, Germany, UK and Australia. We believe that every lady is unique and deserves the right to dress up and be beautiful.
What makes our product unique?
Delicately made, reasonably priced, Angashion is dedicated to providing fashionable and high-quality clothes at affordable prices for women of all ages. New styles are updated on a weekly basis and thus you can always find pieces of the latest trend to add to your wardrobe.
Why we love what we do?
We would like to explore the world’s latest womenswear pieces of each season with female fashion lovers. We are delighted to see the clothes created by us bring happiness to each of our customers. We are encouraged to innovate, to create trending elements with colors, patterns, prints and materials.

Product Description


Angashion Women's Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set 2 Piece Outfit Dress

  • Material: 85% Polyester + 15% Cotton. This floral dress is flowy and doesn't wrinkle easily
  • Style: Casual, Sexy, Floral Print, Boho, Cropped, Maxi Length
  • Occasion: Spring, Summer, Fall, Date, Party, Beach, Vacation, Wedding, At Home
  • Package include: 1 Womens Dress

*****We have added innering lining since 2121 in the skirt part so it wont be see through.

Please check measurements before ordering. Please allow 1 inch/2cm difference due to hand measurement.

Kindly Note: Colors of the item may be a little different due to different screen display setting, please take that into consideration before purchase.

Angashion Women's Summer Bohemian Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set 2 Piece Outfit Dress


Size Guide - We have added innering lining since 2121 in the skirt part so it wont be see through.

  • US S: Bust: 68cm/26.8"---Waist: 60cm/23.6"---Top Length: 23cm/9.1"---Skirt Length: 80cm/31.5"
  • US M: Bust: 73cm/28.7"---Waist: 64cm/25.2"---Top Length: 23cm/9.1"---Skirt Length: 81cm/31.9"
  • US L: Bust: 78cm/30.7"---Waist: 68cm/26.8"---Top Length: 23cm/9.1"---Skirt Length: 82cm/32.3"
  • US XL: Bust: 83cm/32.7"---Waist: 72cm/28.3"---Top Length: 23cm/9.1"---Skirt Length: 83cm/32.7"

Buyer Show - 2 piece skirt + top set


Design Details - 2 Piece Outfit Dress

  • Can be dresses up or down
  • Can only use the crop top with jeans or skirt with shirt
  • Perfect for beach or vacation photos
  • Pair with sandals or heels
  • Elastic top and waist skirt can fit different body types

Angashion Women's Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set 2 Piece Outfit Dress (Black amp; Green)


  • ABOUT SIZE: below are some customers weight and height and the best size they had
  • Small -------perfect for 5'8" 135lbs / 5'4" 150lbs / 5'3" 120lbs / 5'7" 140lbs / 5'5" 145lbs / 5'4" 125lbs / 5'3" 108lbs
  • Medium -------perfect for 5'3"/135lbs / 5'11" 150lbs / 5'7" 150lbs / 5'6" 145lbs / 5'6" 150lbs / 5'9" 165lbs / 5'3" 163lbs
  • Large -------perfect for 5'8" 175lbs / 5'9" 200lbs
  • X-Large -------perfect for 5'8" 230lbs / 5'0" 225lbs / 5'7 230lbs / 5'7" 250lbs / 12-14 usually

  • You can either use the crop top to pair with high waisted shorts/jeans or use the skirt to pair with T shirt/blouse.
  • We have added innering lining since 2121 in the skirt part so it wont be see through.
SHIRT dress dress dress DRESS romper
Babydoll Tunic (click to check) Boho Maxi Dress (click to check) Button Midi Dress (click to check) Split Midi Dress (click to check) Tube Mini Dress (click to check) Halter Romper (click to check)

Angashion Women's Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set 2 Piece Outfit

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