Daxin Children's Swing Set Special price for a limited time Folding Se Secure Toddler Blue Daxin Children's Swing Set Special price for a limited time Folding Se Secure Toddler Blue Swing,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,$42,/Ardisia598393.html,Blue,Secure,Set,,Children's,Toddler,to-on.info,Se,Swing,Folding,Daxin Swing,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,$42,/Ardisia598393.html,Blue,Secure,Set,,Children's,Toddler,to-on.info,Se,Swing,Folding,Daxin $42 Daxin Children's Swing Set, Folding Toddler Blue Secure Swing Se Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play $42 Daxin Children's Swing Set, Folding Toddler Blue Secure Swing Se Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play

Daxin Children's Swing Set Special price for a limited online shopping time Folding Se Secure Toddler Blue

Daxin Children's Swing Set, Folding Toddler Blue Secure Swing Se


Daxin Children's Swing Set, Folding Toddler Blue Secure Swing Se

Product description

Color:Blue 40 Inch

Ideal for encouraging toddlers to enjoy outdoor active play and for helping children learn to swing

Product dimension: 58.3'' * 58.3'' * 47.3'' .

Maximum user weight: 60lbs

The adult supervision is recommended. Recommended age: 9-36 months.

Please refer to the instruction when you install and use.

Frame included.

Great for outdoors and indoors, kids can enjoy it all year round!

A full strap in seat belt with adjustable straps creates a safe place for your baby, to keep them snugly secure in place as they swing.

The adult supervision is recommended.

Daxin Children's Swing Set, Folding Toddler Blue Secure Swing Se

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