$182 Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen 2-in, 2-out Audio Interfa Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment Interfa,/Dondia278303.html,$182,Audio,Studio,Scarlett,Gen,to-on.info,2-out,3rd,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,Solo,Focusrite,2-in, Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Audio 2-in Superlatite Gen Interfa 2-out Interfa,/Dondia278303.html,$182,Audio,Studio,Scarlett,Gen,to-on.info,2-out,3rd,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,Solo,Focusrite,2-in, $182 Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen 2-in, 2-out Audio Interfa Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Audio 2-in Superlatite Gen Interfa 2-out

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Some reservation Studio 3rd Audio 2-in Superlatite Gen Interfa 2-out

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen 2-in, 2-out Audio Interfa


Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen 2-in, 2-out Audio Interfa

Product description

You won't get a better sounding, more reliable recording package. Scarlett Solo Studio provides singer-songwriters with the simplest all-in-one solution for a reassuringly easy recording process. Right out of the box you get a Scarlett Solo USB audio interface, condenser microphone, 3-metre XLR microphone cable, closed-back headphones, and free software so you can start making music in no time at all. The Scarlett Solo features a single upgraded third-generation Scarlett mic preamp: with optional Air setting to reproduce the Air effect of Focusrite’s original ISA mic preamp, giving your vocal recordings a brighter and more open sound. The CM25 MkIII condenser microphone enables you to capture studio-quality recordings that are faithful to the original source, while the HP60 MkIII closed-back headphones, with a new improved design, offer high sound quality and long-lasting comfort when recording and mixing. Scarlett Solo Studio pack comes with all the software tools wokrstaions Ableton Live Lite and Pro Tools First Focusrite Creative Pack.

This bundle includes MS-5230F Tripod Microphone Stand with Fixed Boom features durable, steel construction. Plus the Kellopy Pop filter made for those who care about audio quality and wanted to sound great! It helps protect your mic and keep your recording clean without wheezing or hissing sounds. Also with an additional 20' XLR-XLR Cable.

Box Contains

    Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen 2-in, 2-out Audio Interface
  • 20' XLR-XLR Cable
  • Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen
  • 1 x Scarlett CM25 MkIII Microphone amp; mic stand attachment
  • 1 x Scarlett HP60 MkIII Headphones
  • 1 x 3m XLR cable
  • 1 x USB cable (Type C-A)
  • 2-Year Warranty

    Tripod Microphone Stand with Fixed Boom
  • Cable Clip
  • 1-Year Warranty

    Kellopy Pop Filter
  • 1-Year Warranty

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen 2-in, 2-out Audio Interfa

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