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Veilace Prom Dresses Long Halter Max 83% OFF line Appliques Evening Ranking TOP20 Gowns A

Veilace Prom Dresses Long Halter Appliques Evening Gowns A line


Veilace Prom Dresses Long Halter Appliques Evening Gowns A line

Product description

Welcome to Veilace!
We have 10 years of making special occasion dresses. Just buy with confidence.
Fabric: lace, tulle, Embellishment: appliques
Length: floor length, Silhouette: a-line
Neckline: halter, Sleeve: sleeveless
Waist: natural waist, Back Details: corset back
Size information:
US size2: Bust: 32.5", Waist: 25.5", Hips: 35.75", Height: 63"
US size4: Bust: 33.5", Waist: 26.5", Hips: 36.75", Height: 65"
US size6: Bust: 34.5", Waist: 27.5", Hips: 37.75", Height: 65"
US size8: Bust: 35.5", Waist: 28.5", Hips: 38.75",Height: 65"
US size10: Bust: 36.5", Waist: 29.5", Hips: 39.75", Height: 67"
US size12: Bust: 38", Waist: 31", Hips: 41.25", Height: 67"
US size14: Bust: 39.5", Waist: 32.5", Hips: 42.75", Height: 69" US size16: Bust: 41", Waist: 34", Hips: 44.25", Height: 69"
How to choose size:
Take your body measurements and compare them with our size information. If you want a more accurate fit, just place any size order and send us your measurements in 48 hours as follows:
1. Bust:____ inch or____cm, 2. Waist:____ inch or____cm
3. Hips:____ inch or____cm, 4. Natural height:____ inch or____cm v5. Hollow to hem(shoulder to floor with shoes) :____ inch or____cm
6.The date you need the dress:_________
If the dress has sleeves, please offer us more measurements as follows:
7.Arm Hole :____ inch or____cm , 8.Bicep :____ inch or____cm
9.Shoulder width:____ inch or____cm , 10.Arm length:____ inch or____cm
How to contact us:
1.Amazon email: choose any dress of a color and size and find "ask a question" button to contact us.

Veilace Prom Dresses Long Halter Appliques Evening Gowns A line

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