$147 Bodesi Late Night Glass Subway Tile for Kitchen Backsplash or Ba Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies $147 Bodesi Late Night Glass Subway Tile for Kitchen Backsplash or Ba Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies Bodesi Late Night Glass Subway Reservation Tile Ba Kitchen Backsplash for or Bodesi Late Night Glass Subway Reservation Tile Ba Kitchen Backsplash for or $147,Kitchen,Late,Glass,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,Bodesi,Ba,Tile,to-on.info,/Dondia459403.html,or,Backsplash,Subway,for,Night $147,Kitchen,Late,Glass,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,Bodesi,Ba,Tile,to-on.info,/Dondia459403.html,or,Backsplash,Subway,for,Night

Bodesi Late Night Glass Subway Reservation Tile Ba Kitchen Backsplash wholesale for or

Bodesi Late Night Glass Subway Tile for Kitchen Backsplash or Ba


Bodesi Late Night Glass Subway Tile for Kitchen Backsplash or Ba

Product description

Size:4x12 (10 SqFt)

Not entirely black, this hand painted glass subway 2x12 is much more than plain black. Touches of gray work with a cool palette for a black tile that is simply beautiful to admire. Ultra dark hues play as blacks in this intriguing mix of black and gray desaturated wonderfulness.The 2x12 size is a contemporary shape that allows it to be used in smaller areas such as a trim around bathroom, or in larger areas such as the entire tubs surround or bathroom backsplash.The tiles come individually packaged so that you can choose to play with the pattern. Either way you go, this tile will be the fantastic feature to your next bathroom remodel.Want something even more exciting? Match this tile with our Late Night 1x12 and 3x12 in a subway pattern for something completely unique, ultra fun and down right stunning.

Bodesi Late Night Glass Subway Tile for Kitchen Backsplash or Ba

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