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Personalized Award Bride Towel Beach famous

Personalized Bride Beach Towel


Personalized Bride Beach Towel

Product description

Dimensions: 30" x 60" Thick and plush, heavyweight towel makes a great gift! Reverse side is 100% cotton for maximum absorbency. Printed in our own production facility in New Orleans, La. Proudly made in the USA. Microfiber Plush Top/ 100% Cotton Loop Bottom for maximum absorbency, Heavyweight. Click "Customize Now" button to preview your own personalized beach towel. Print on one side only and the other side is white. Print from edge to edge with with non-toxic and permanent inks. SUPER FAST DELIVERY! All of our custom Personalized Beach Towels will be made and shipped in our own Production Warehouse in New Orleans, La. We LOVE what we can make for you! We love what we do and want you to love it too!

Personalized Bride Beach Towel

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