Hot Tools Professional 1 4 Inch Iron Wand Cheap mail order specialty store Gold Curling Rainbow $31 Hot Tools Professional 1 1/4 Inch Rainbow Gold Curling Iron/Wand Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Hot,1,Gold,,Rainbow,$31,Professional,Iron/Wand,/Dondia526603.html,1/4,Tools,Inch,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Curling $31 Hot Tools Professional 1 1/4 Inch Rainbow Gold Curling Iron/Wand Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Hot Tools Professional 1 4 Inch Iron Wand Cheap mail order specialty store Gold Curling Rainbow Hot,1,Gold,,Rainbow,$31,Professional,Iron/Wand,/Dondia526603.html,1/4,Tools,Inch,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Curling

Rapid rise Hot Tools Professional 1 4 Inch Iron Wand Cheap mail order specialty store Gold Curling Rainbow

Hot Tools Professional 1 1/4 Inch Rainbow Gold Curling Iron/Wand


Hot Tools Professional 1 1/4 Inch Rainbow Gold Curling Iron/Wand

Product description

What it is: Forget the everyday curling iron. Hot Tools Rainbow Gold curling irons with sleek multicolored gold styling barrels keep the heat steady, the curls and waves long lasting, the hair smooth and frizz free. What it does: Every iron?s rainbow finish is unique just like your style. These irons are equipped with Pulse Technology for Gets Hot?Stays Hot performance with fast heat up and instant heat recovery up to 430F. What else you need to know: They maintain maximum heat, curl after curl. Other features include a rheostat control dial with variable heat settings, and one-year warranty.

Hot Tools Professional 1 1/4 Inch Rainbow Gold Curling Iron/Wand

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