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Pirate SKULL Cornhole Boards Regulation Bean Max 83% OFF Size Set Baggo Game High quality

Pirate SKULL Cornhole Boards Regulation Size Game Set Baggo Bean


Pirate SKULL Cornhole Boards Regulation Size Game Set Baggo Bean

Product description

This top of the line Cornhole Set is sure to bring life to any party.

Set comes ready to play with 8 bags of your choice!

2 Official size cornhole boards with 8 ACA Regulation Bags

This cornhole set conforms to American Cornhole Association guidelines. They are made using a premium 2x4 frame and 1/2" sanded plywood playing surface. Each set has folding 2x4 legs secured with galvanized bolts. Cornhole Boards meet all cornhole specifications and measure 24x48. Boards are made of all wood with 1/2 inch plywood on the top routed and in-laid in a frame made of poplar wood. No nails or screw holes here!

Our bags are tournament-grade with regulation size and weight. Our bags are handmade using durable duck cloth material measuring 6"x6" and weigh between 15-16 ounces as prescribed by ACA regulations. Bags are filled with premium whole kernel corn.

We offer 17 total colors to choose from:
Navy Blue
Baby Blue
Hunter Green
Kelly Green

Pirate SKULL Cornhole Boards Regulation Size Game Set Baggo Bean

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