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Fia Many popular brands Irish Attention brand Tweed Cap

Fia Irish Tweed Cap


Fia Irish Tweed Cap

Product description

Take the High Ground with Fia, the luxurious new men’s apparel brand from Fiona Sheehan, owner of Latchford’s of Ireland. Rooted in Fiona’s native Ireland, Fia is inspired by the rugged landscapes of Donegal and Kerry where wild Irish red deer roam rolling hills and mountains, thick with lush heather and gorse. Fia, meaning ‘deer’ in Irish, also represents Fiona and her daughter Anna, who has steadfastly supported her mum in creating this authentic new menswear brand.

Fia builds on Ireland’s proud history as renowned weavers, ethically sourcing the highest quality natural textiles to create a signature line of clothing and accessories for the discerning man. Crafted with the softest lambswool and finest tweeds, Fia’s debut collection is imbued with the rich tones of Ireland’s countryside, reflecting the ever-changing hues of the Irish seasons. Designed for the stylish man who values quality and individuality, the Fia range is tailored to last. Sustainability is core to the brand’s beliefs and Fia is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. When you take the high ground with Fia you can be safe in the knowledge that you are investing in a premium quality slow fashion that will stand the test of time.

The adjustable 1920 flat cap design will give you a convenient wearing experience. If you want to be more relaxed about your head, just free the snap around the larger size and with popular design of this summer caps offers style and versatility for a casual or professional look. This popular beret cap looks great at any place as it does commuting to work or a weekend in the country.


Material: 100% Irish Made

Fia Irish Tweed Cap

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