High Perfermance 5007420 VRO Pump Fuel Evinr Oil Fit for Very popular Johnson $153 High Perfermance 5007420 VRO Pump Fuel Oil Fit for Johnson Evinr Automotive Replacement Parts High Perfermance 5007420 VRO Pump Fuel Evinr Oil Fit for Very popular Johnson Pump,Fuel,$153,for,/aelurophobia283496.html,VRO,Oil,to-on.info,Perfermance,Johnson,High,5007420,Fit,Evinr,Automotive , Replacement Parts Pump,Fuel,$153,for,/aelurophobia283496.html,VRO,Oil,to-on.info,Perfermance,Johnson,High,5007420,Fit,Evinr,Automotive , Replacement Parts $153 High Perfermance 5007420 VRO Pump Fuel Oil Fit for Johnson Evinr Automotive Replacement Parts

High Perfermance 5007420 VRO Pump Fuel Evinr Oil Fit for Max 74% OFF Very popular Johnson

High Perfermance 5007420 VRO Pump Fuel Oil Fit for Johnson Evinr


High Perfermance 5007420 VRO Pump Fuel Oil Fit for Johnson Evinr

Product description

✪ 5007420 VRO Fuel Oil Pump Part number supercedes and replaces prior part numbers 175109, 436203, 438094, 435560, 438400, 435953, 435556, 435558, 435784, 0175109, 5004558.

✪ 4-Wire replacement pump. Used on all 4-wire motors except 2 Cylinder 40-50hp. Replaces the following previous VRO pump part numbers (plus others): 0174955, 0175109, 0175231, 0435560, 0435784, 438094, 5004558, 0435558, 0435556, 0435555, 0435953, 0438400.

✪ Fits most Johnson/Evinrude outboards with VRO system thru 2006. Just some of the models this VRO pump kit.

✪ The first few years pumps were slightly different internally from later production, so there will be a few o-rings in the kit not applicable to the version you will have. Just match what comes out of yours and discard the others.

✪ The kit includes the parts needed for both versions.

✪ Please check pictures for more details, and check your part number and our fitment before placing an order.

High Perfermance 5007420 VRO Pump Fuel Oil Fit for Johnson Evinr

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