LP-CBSE-PK,Enhancers,Percussion,Cajon,Latin,$21,to-on.info,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Pedal,/aguelike283190.html $21 Latin Percussion LP-CBSE-PK Cajon Pedal Enhancers Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Latin Percussion LP-CBSE-PK Pedal Enhancers Branded goods Cajon $21 Latin Percussion LP-CBSE-PK Cajon Pedal Enhancers Musical Instruments Drums Percussion LP-CBSE-PK,Enhancers,Percussion,Cajon,Latin,$21,to-on.info,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Pedal,/aguelike283190.html Latin Percussion LP-CBSE-PK Pedal Enhancers Branded goods Cajon

Latin Fort Worth Mall Percussion LP-CBSE-PK Pedal Enhancers Branded goods Cajon

Latin Percussion LP-CBSE-PK Cajon Pedal Enhancers


Latin Percussion LP-CBSE-PK Cajon Pedal Enhancers

Product description

Designed for playing a Cajon the addition of a shaker or jingle are great sound effects to add to any percussion pedal. Receiving bracket attaches to beater rod. Includes Both shaker and jingle with a unique twist lock release for changing sounds in seconds.

Latin Percussion LP-CBSE-PK Cajon Pedal Enhancers

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