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ladyline Womens Faux Crepe Printed Suit Cheap sale Store Salwar Pak Indian Kameez

ladyline Womens Faux Crepe Printed Salwar Kameez Suit Indian Pak


ladyline Womens Faux Crepe Printed Salwar Kameez Suit Indian Pak

Product description

Faux crepe Kameez is self printed with beautiful sober patterns.Bottom is faux crepe printed and Dupatta is chiffon material in matching printed combination..KAMEEZ LENGTH: 41-42 inches.If you want shorter length, then inform within 7-8 hours of your confirmed order.SLEEVES LENGTH: Same as shown in the picture. If need specific length, kindly inform us soon after the order.

ladyline Womens Faux Crepe Printed Salwar Kameez Suit Indian Pak

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