$21 TruffleShuffle Womens The Land Before Time Rolled Sleeve Boyfrie Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $21 TruffleShuffle Womens The Land Before Time Rolled Sleeve Boyfrie Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women TruffleShuffle Womens The Land Before Sleeve Boyfrie Time Rolled shop Boyfrie,Womens,/aguelike397090.html,Rolled,Sleeve,TruffleShuffle,to-on.info,Land,Before,Time,The,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$21 TruffleShuffle Womens The Land Before Sleeve Boyfrie Time Rolled shop Boyfrie,Womens,/aguelike397090.html,Rolled,Sleeve,TruffleShuffle,to-on.info,Land,Before,Time,The,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$21

TruffleShuffle Womens The Land Before 5 ☆ very popular Sleeve Boyfrie Time Rolled shop

TruffleShuffle Womens The Land Before Time Rolled Sleeve Boyfrie


TruffleShuffle Womens The Land Before Time Rolled Sleeve Boyfrie

Product description

Hands up who else got totes emosh at The Land Before Time back in the day! With its life lessons and heart wrenching moments, the 80s movie will be forever in our hearts - and now forever in our wardrobes with this totally roar-some tee.

- Women's The Land Before Time Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt
- Oversized, ecru coloured tee made from 100% pre-shrunk, ring spun cotton for added softness
- Soft feel, lightweight tee with a boyfriend style fit. We'd suggest ordering a size down for a more fitted look.
- Please check our size chart for your ideal fit
- 100% official Land Before Time T-Shirt

S = 34-36" chest (UK 8-10)
M = 38-40" chest (UK 10-12)
L = 42-44" chest (UK 12-14)
XL = 46-48" chest (UK 14-16)
XXL = 50-52" chest (UK 16-18)

TruffleShuffle Womens The Land Before Time Rolled Sleeve Boyfrie

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