$51,Fl,ActionUnion,Airsoft,LED,Upgrade,/anisomelus526819.html,White,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Tactical,to-on.info,Version,PEQ-15 ActionUnion Airsoft Upgrade Version Tactical White LED Ranking TOP16 PEQ-15 Fl $51,Fl,ActionUnion,Airsoft,LED,Upgrade,/anisomelus526819.html,White,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Tactical,to-on.info,Version,PEQ-15 ActionUnion Airsoft Upgrade Version Tactical White LED Ranking TOP16 PEQ-15 Fl $51 ActionUnion Airsoft Upgrade Version Tactical PEQ-15 LED White Fl Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $51 ActionUnion Airsoft Upgrade Version Tactical PEQ-15 LED White Fl Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

ActionUnion Airsoft Upgrade Version Tactical White LED Ranking TOP16 PEQ-15 Fl Challenge the lowest price of Japan

ActionUnion Airsoft Upgrade Version Tactical PEQ-15 LED White Fl


ActionUnion Airsoft Upgrade Version Tactical PEQ-15 LED White Fl

Product description


  • Green Laser Sight and Illuminator output a great amount of light for any combat situation.
  • The laser is an added bonus to strike some fear into your enemy too.
  • Make the Sight Dot to Zero
  • Fit for 20 mm picatinny rails.


  • Material: Nylon plastic
  • Weight: 155 g
  • Size:12*7.3*3.7cm
  • Output Power: lt;0.7-1.mW Class II

The function of gear Under the BUTTON SWITCH control:

  • AL: Open single white LED flashlight illuminator
  • O: System OFF
  • P: Both red dot visible laser and LED flashlight on
  • AL: Open single red dot visible laser
  • DL: Open IR laser

Battery: 2 x CR123A batteries or 2 x 16340 / RCR123A 3 v or 3.7 v rechargeable batteries

Increases the improvement of a single flash light flashlight

  • Improved 1: increase the strong light flashlight flash
  • Improved 2: matching glass lenses update IR
  • Improved 3: the LASER light through the box body are free to adjust the screw fixed point
  • Improved 4: CREE XML higher-order light bead 5 v ~ 7.6 constant pressure
  • Improved 5: use 2 CR123A batteries, luminosity, persistent (NOT Include batteries)
  • Improved 6: Sight Dot to Zero

Package Included:

  • 1x PEQ (not including battery)
  • 1x Mouse tail control + special stickers

ActionUnion Airsoft Upgrade Version Tactical PEQ-15 LED White Fl

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