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Personalized Max 68% OFF Blanket-Baby Month Pete Blanket Milestone Columbus Mall

Personalized Blanket-Baby Month Blanket, Milestone Blanket, Pete


Personalized Blanket-Baby Month Blanket, Milestone Blanket, Pete

Product description


Minky, Fleece, Sherpa


These blankets are perfect for Mother's Day presents, Birthday Gifts, Christmas and other special occasion.

I always like to recommend at least a 40x50. A 30x40 is a better fit for a child but can be used as a small lap blanket.

Design: Printed On One Side. Designs are printed using high quality inks that will not fade or peel. The fabric stays silky smooth against skin. This is NOT embroidery or vinyl
Care: Machine Wash; Tumble Dry
Available Materials: Fleece / Minky / Sherpa (dependent on size)
Please Note: All sizes have a variance +/- 1"-2" due to heat causing shrinking when pressed.


What size do you recommend?
I always like to recommend at least a 40x50. A 30x40 is a better fit for a child but can be used as a lap blanket.

What material is most popular?
Minky and Sherpa are our most popular because of the softness and thickness.

Are these personalized?

Yes, the personalization name(s) will be changed to the any that left in the notes for me during checkout. If you would not like a name to be added you can leave the note blank or simply leave "No Name."

What is Minky?

Minky is a special type of plush fabric that is often used to make baby blankets, baby clothing and baby accessories. Minky fabric is like fleece – but softer and thicker.

What is Fleece?

Fleece blankets are made of 100% Polyester. It is a thinner blanket but provide a very vibrant print.

What is Sherpa?

Sherpa is an Ultra Plush blanket. It is a 100% polyester with a faux fur fabric on the back.

Personalized Blanket-Baby Month Blanket, Milestone Blanket, Pete

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