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Handmade Orthodox Beauty products icon - Mother favorite God All-Seeing of Мате Eye

Handmade Orthodox icon - Mother of God All-Seeing Eye - Мате


Handmade Orthodox icon - Mother of God All-Seeing Eye - Мате

  • The image is printed over the levkas using UV-printing, which is capable of printing onto any surface and works very fast. It is also friendlier to the environment than conventional printing.
  • The icon is handmade on medium density fibreboard using traditional methods; a copy of an Orthodox icon, it is made on board that was carefully selected and prepared
  • This Russian Orthodox Icon is mounted on the MDF, which is first coated with three special layers known as levkas that help to seal the wood and bring out the colors of the image
  • A copy of a Russian icon, the image is painted using the ancient, peace-giving Andrei Rublev style, which has been used to paint monastery icons since the Middle Ages
  • The pendant of Pantocrator made of the sterling silver 925 with gold plate is included.

How Russian Orthodox Icons are Painted?

Russian icons have been created since Christianity reached Russia in the late 10th century. The style of painting came to Russia from Byzantium. It is symbolic and peaceful, with the inscriptions being central to each icon image. Andrei Rublev (circa. 1360 – circa. 1430) was regarded as the ideal painter, his paintings depicting calm figures with intense realism.

Handmade Orthodox icon - Mother of God All-Seeing Eye - Мате

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