Shelves,,inch,Home,Tier,Desk,with,$118,D,Computer,5,54,,/appeasing283149.html,Storage,Office,Home Kitchen , Furniture $118 Computer Desk with 5 Tier Storage Shelves, 54 inch Home Office D Home Kitchen Furniture Computer Desk with 5 Tier Storage Office Home Shelves D Attention brand inch 54 Shelves,,inch,Home,Tier,Desk,with,$118,D,Computer,5,54,,/appeasing283149.html,Storage,Office,Home Kitchen , Furniture Computer Desk with 5 Tier Storage Office Home Shelves D Attention brand inch 54 $118 Computer Desk with 5 Tier Storage Shelves, 54 inch Home Office D Home Kitchen Furniture

Limited time cheap sale Computer Desk with 5 Tier Storage Office Home Shelves D Attention brand inch 54

Computer Desk with 5 Tier Storage Shelves, 54 inch Home Office D


Computer Desk with 5 Tier Storage Shelves, 54 inch Home Office D

Product description


The home office computer desk's large workstation can provide you an unmatched convenience for your work. Made of solid wood, this study writing desk is sturdy and anti-corrosion which can be durable for years of sturdy and use.

Ergonomic Design
Modern simple gaming desk with compact design, utilize the space and with most comfortable user experience when sitting.

5 Bookshelves for Ample Space
Equpped with 5 tier opening shelves, you can store books, host, office supplies and small devices for a convenient usage.

Spacious Tabletop
54.5” x 23.6" spacious tabletop provide ample storage, while the extra shelf doubles your workstation storage.

Premium Material
Top-quality MDF wooden can be water-proof and scratch-resistant, easy to clean.

Adjustable Leg Pads
With the adjustable leg pads, the overall desk can adjust 1-2cm lengths, keep stable even on the uneven floor.

Sturdy Structure
Two set of X steel bars is more stable, steel made table frame can be used for years.

Product Size: 54.5"L x 23.6"W x 28.7"H
Bookshelf height:70.5"H
Packaging Size:39.37"L x 27.95"W x 9.45"H
Gross Weight: 84.87 Lbs
Net Weight: 79.37 Lbs
Desktop: MDF
Desk frame: Solid metal frame
Using Area: Home, office and all the places you need
Warranty: 1 year

Computer Desk with 5 Tier Storage Shelves, 54 inch Home Office D

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