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Butterfly Amicus Expert Max 56% OFF Max 65% OFF Table Tennis Robot Ball Laun Fantastic

Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot | Fantastic Ball Laun


Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot | Fantastic Ball Laun

From the manufacturer


Attach Butterfly Amicus Expert table tennis robot to your ping pong table and train, practice, or play anytime you want for as long as you want. Easily and quickly attach to or remove from any standard table tennis table. Lightweight and portable. Includes a free high quality Carry Bag for easy transport or storage. Also comes with 120 Butterfly Training Balls and customer assistance from the Robot Guru.

Its special 3-wheel design delivers any spin type without rotating the head. And its unique guide plate enables nearly instant changes to left/right placement and up/down trajectory. Made in Hungary from highest quality materials, Butterfly Amicus robots are considered the best ping pong ball servers available.

The Control Panel has 21 pre-saved drills. Select one, press Start, and begin playing right away. Edit or replace the pre-saved drills. Or create and save up to 99 custom drills with 1 to 7 shots. Change spin type amp; amount, speed, placement, and trajectory for any shot. Use Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) to make timing between shots more realistic.

Randomize shots so you don't know where the ball will be thrown next or enlarge the landing spot for more human-like throws. Use Cycle mode to get a demanding table tennis interval training workout to improve your physical condition and table tennis skills at the same time.

Robots are a great way to rapidly accelerate your development. Fantastic training aid to assure high quality shots, even if a coach or better player is unavailable. Transform a room in your home into a professional training space available anytime. Avoid low quality shots and wasted time when 2 novices practice. Top-notch practice trainer never gets tired and is always ready to challenge you.

Use the Remote Switch key fob to start/stop drills and change ball frequency. Includes universal switching power supply for 110/220V networks and US/European plugs. Printed Owner's Manual in English, German, amp; French. Adjustment tools and spare parts included.

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Amicus Prime Amicus Expert Amicus Start
Controller Android Tablet Included Or Download App To Any iOS Or Android Device Wired Control Box Wired Control Box
Drill Videos, Diagrams, amp; Description/Remote Switch Included Yes/Yes No/Yes No/Optional
Number Of Shots Per Drill Up to 10 Shots. Adjustable For Each Shot: Speed, Spin, Height, Position Up To 7 Shots. Adjustable For Each Shot: Speed, Spin, Height, Position Up To 6 Shots. Only Position Can Change.
Memory Capacity Unlimited - 16GB On Included Tablet And Storage Can Be Extended With Micro SD Card Save Up To 99 Drills From 1 To 7 Shots Per Drill None
Random Settings 8 Types: Sector, Scatter, Place, Type, Scatter+Place, Scatter+Type, Place+Type, Scatter+Place+Type 3 Types: Scatter, Place, Scatter+Place 3 Types: Scatter, Place, Scatter+Place
Interval Training/3rd Ball Attack Training Yes/Yes Yes/No No/No
Frequency Customization Individual Frequency Control (IFC) Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) None
Speed/Spin Range @ 10/90 to 100/0 @ 50/50 to 100/0 @ 50/50 to 100/0
Spin amp; Shot Types All spins, including no spin. Slow Loop, Counter, Fast Loop, Push, Chop, Lob, Serve, Dead Block, Flat Kill, Smash, Heavy Chop, Heavy Serve All spins, including no spin. Counter, Fast Loop, Push, Chop, Lob, Serve, Dead Block, Flat Kill, Smash All spins, including no spin. Counter, Fast Loop, Push, Chop, Lob, Serve, Dead Block, Flat Kill, Smash
Carry Bag, Balls, amp; Ball Recycling Net Yes Yes Yes

Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot | Fantastic Ball Laun

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