Ablative,Pettit,Black,Antifouling,Gall,to-on.info,$170,HD,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Odyssey,-,/brangle30502.html,Paint,Bottom Pettit Tucson Mall Odyssey HD Ablative Antifouling Gall Black Bottom - Paint $170 Pettit Odyssey HD Ablative Antifouling Black Bottom Paint - Gall Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Ablative,Pettit,Black,Antifouling,Gall,to-on.info,$170,HD,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Odyssey,-,/brangle30502.html,Paint,Bottom $170 Pettit Odyssey HD Ablative Antifouling Black Bottom Paint - Gall Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Pettit Tucson Mall Odyssey HD Ablative Antifouling Gall Black Bottom - Paint

Pettit Tucson Mall Odyssey HD Ablative Antifouling Gall Black Bottom - Max 58% OFF Paint

Pettit Odyssey HD Ablative Antifouling Black Bottom Paint - Gall


Pettit Odyssey HD Ablative Antifouling Black Bottom Paint - Gall

Product description

Pettit Odyssey HD Bottom Paint is a multi-season antifouling paint that combines controlled polishing ablative technology with a high copper content. Odyssey HD provides a paint film strong enough to handle tough fouling waters from coast to coast. This bottom paint is 50 state VOC-compliant and will not build up over time, leaving running surfaces smooth and clean. Odyssey HD's copolymer resins withstand hauling and relaunching without losing effectiveness for both power and sailboats. Additionally, Odyssey is fast-drying and provides multi-season protection. pettt-hull-defense.jpg Pettit Odyssey HD provides excellent antifouling protection and is backed by the industry's strongest limited warranty. The Hull Defense 18 Month Limited Warranty offers peace of mind to every boater. Odyssey HD offers the most dependable and trusted antifouling paint in the industry. Features: Multi-season protection Fast dry, VOC-compliant for boatyards High-copper ablative protection in all waters Smooth polishing finish prevents buildup and sanding Compatible over most bottom paints Covered by HD (Hull Defense) 18 month limited warranty Specifications: Pack Size: 1 US Gallon Type: Copper-based ablative Recommended Usage: All fouling waters Colors Available: 1207 Blue, 1807 Black Drying Time: To overcoat 3hrs; To launch; 10hrs. @ 70°F Number of Coats Recommended: 2 Coverage: 475 ft2/gal VOC: 330 grams/liter Biocide: Cuprous Oxide 45.7%

Pettit Odyssey HD Ablative Antifouling Black Bottom Paint - Gall

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    Ancient humans were 'farming' cassowaries 18,000 years ago

    Prehistoric humans may have 'farmed' cassowaries as early as 18,000 years ago. 

    2 October 2021