Modern Metal Ranking TOP12 Quartz Wall-Mounted Silent Clock Creative Iron Cr - Modern Metal Ranking TOP12 Quartz Wall-Mounted Silent Clock Creative Iron Cr - $31 Modern Metal Quartz Wall-Mounted Silent Clock - Creative Iron Cr Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $31 Modern Metal Quartz Wall-Mounted Silent Clock - Creative Iron Cr Home Kitchen Home Décor Products,Clock,Metal,Creative,-,Quartz,$31,Wall-Mounted,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Modern,Silent,/cacodoxian408387.html,Iron,Cr,Clock,Metal,Creative,-,Quartz,$31,Wall-Mounted,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Modern,Silent,/cacodoxian408387.html,Iron,Cr

Modern Metal Ranking TOP12 Quartz Wall-Mounted Silent Clock Creative depot Iron Cr -

Modern Metal Quartz Wall-Mounted Silent Clock - Creative Iron Cr


Modern Metal Quartz Wall-Mounted Silent Clock - Creative Iron Cr

Product description

Style:Type C


Type: wall clock

Style: cartoon

Material: wood + iron

Shape: cat

Color: black + white

Display type: pointer + number

Function: interior decoration

Power type: 2*AA batteries

Overall size: 40*29*3cm/16"*11.4"*1.2"

Dial size: 24*24cm/9.5"*9.5"

Weight: 1.2kg

Modern Metal Quartz Wall-Mounted Silent Clock - Creative Iron Cr

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