$14,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/cephalocele397295.html,to-on.info,Mountain,Twill,Men's,Pant,Khakis,Teton $14 Mountain Khakis Men's Teton Twill Pant Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $14 Mountain Khakis Men's Teton Twill Pant Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Mountain Khakis Men's Teton Twill Pant Fees free!! $14,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/cephalocele397295.html,to-on.info,Mountain,Twill,Men's,Pant,Khakis,Teton Mountain Khakis Men's Teton Twill Pant Fees free!!

Mountain Khakis Sales for sale Men's Teton Twill Pant Fees free

Mountain Khakis Men's Teton Twill Pant


Mountain Khakis Men's Teton Twill Pant

Product description

  • Mountain Khakis Size Chart
  • The Teton Twill Pant is built durable for the mountain life, whether you're living it on the trail or the jobsite.
  • Relaxed Fit pants feature a loose fit that runs straight from the hip through the leg.
  • Classic mid rise sits above the hips.
  • Durable 8.5 oz cotton twill has been garment washed for a broken-in finish.
  • Grosgrain-taped waistband resists stretching for a consistent fit after a day's wear.
  • Diamond-shaped inseam gusset improves range of motion.
  • Triple-needle stitching and bar tacking for durable, reinforced wear.
  • Belt-loop waistband.
  • YKK

    Mountain Khakis Men's Teton Twill Pant

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