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Ace of unisex Spades Wooden Industry No. 1 Rubber x Stamp 3

Ace of Spades Wooden Rubber Stamp No. 1 (3" x 3")


Ace of Spades Wooden Rubber Stamp No. 1 (3" x 3")

Product description

Size:3" x 3"

This is a beautiful Ace Of Spades wooden rubber stamp featuring artwork by b farias; the artist receives a royalty when this stamp sells.

This stamp is perfect for cardmaking, papercrafts, scrapbooking, wedding invitations, hand stamping at events, DIYers, teachers, event passports and more! You may even use the stamp on fabric, wood, and other surfaces.

Ace of Spades Wooden Rubber Stamp No. 1 (3" x 3")

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