Stand,,/certosino278371.html,TV,inches,,4,Open,Boahaus,$100,White,,Shelv,to,,TV,Austin,55,Home Kitchen , Furniture,up Stand,,/certosino278371.html,TV,inches,,4,Open,Boahaus,$100,White,,Shelv,to,,TV,Austin,55,Home Kitchen , Furniture,up Boahaus Austin TV Stand White up Shelv 55 to inches 4 Time sale Open $100 Boahaus Austin TV Stand, White, TV up to 55 inches, 4 Open Shelv Home Kitchen Furniture $100 Boahaus Austin TV Stand, White, TV up to 55 inches, 4 Open Shelv Home Kitchen Furniture Boahaus Austin TV Stand White up Shelv 55 to inches 4 Time sale Open

Boahaus New York Mall Austin TV Stand White up Shelv 55 to inches 4 Time sale Open

Boahaus Austin TV Stand, White, TV up to 55 inches, 4 Open Shelv


Boahaus Austin TV Stand, White, TV up to 55 inches, 4 Open Shelv

Product description

The Austin TV Stand for TVs up to 55" adds smooth, modern allure to your living room. With a simple but functional design, the Austin TV stand is the perfect pick to instantly update your home décor. Raised off the floor on sturdy feet, the TV Stand is a perfect solution for housing all your media and electronic equipment in one place. It accommodates televisions up to 55” and it features 4 storage open spaces. 2 on top with cable cord management perfect for housing game consoles and DVD players. The bottom 2 shelves help to place souvenirs, books, and magazines.

Boahaus Austin TV Stand, White, TV up to 55 inches, 4 Open Shelv

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