Day/Night,H3,Litewave,LitePipe,/certosino283071.html,All,for,Sight,Tritium,,HiViz,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$59,Glock $59 HiViz Litewave H3 Sight Tritium LitePipe Day/Night for All Glock Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness HiViz Litewave H3 Sight Tritium LitePipe Day Sale All Night Glock for Day/Night,H3,Litewave,LitePipe,/certosino283071.html,All,for,Sight,Tritium,,HiViz,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$59,Glock $59 HiViz Litewave H3 Sight Tritium LitePipe Day/Night for All Glock Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness HiViz Litewave H3 Sight Tritium LitePipe Day Sale All Night Glock for

HiViz Litewave H3 Sight Tritium LitePipe Day Sale All Night 25% OFF Glock for

HiViz Litewave H3 Sight Tritium LitePipe Day/Night for All Glock


HiViz Litewave H3 Sight Tritium LitePipe Day/Night for All Glock

From the manufacturer

Optically Efficient

Optically Efficient

Recessed LitePipe eliminates halo and reveals a crisp, clear dot.

Optically Efficient



Made in the USA!



All sight bases are solid steel construction.




Holster Friendly

HiViz Litewave H3 Sight Tritium LitePipe Day/Night for All Glock

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