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Charlotte Mall ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme 30L Chicago Mall Ghost

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Ghost 30L


ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Ghost 30L

Product description

The Ghost 30 is built to satisfy both daily- and work-related needs as well as recreational activities. It is ergonomically designed to wear comfortably and to withstand hard use thanks to its tough, lightweight CORDURA® fabric. Padded shoulder straps with an integrated sternum strap and a padded back panel provide optimal load distribution and a custom fit for comfortable carry. Included are multiple interior easy-access pockets for storing up to two laptops and other essentials. The heart of the Ghost 30 is its ability to accommodate personal defense handguns. The material inside the pocket is lined with loop fabric, allowing holsters with hook-and-loop backing material to attach inside the pocket for quick firearm deployment. When you need to carry a defensive handgun, but on-body carry is not an option, the Ghost 30 is your everyday solution.

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Ghost 30L

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