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SSLine Home El Paso Mall Office Chair Velvet Room Living Outlet sale feature Modern

SSLine Home Office Chair,Modern Velvet Living Room Chair Velvet


SSLine Home Office Chair,Modern Velvet Living Room Chair Velvet

Product description


The office chair is ideal for any casual or professional working area. It provides comfortable support with a cozy and convenient design. Carefully crafted in velvet, it features curved backrest design, adjustable lift seat, and a five-star base with casters for easy mobility.The velvet surface makes the stool look noble and luxurious.In addition to being used as a dressing stool, this stool can also be used as a dining stool and a leisure stool.

1. Chic appearance, novel design and fine workmanship
2. Select superb density sponge
3. Ensured stability and steady structure, safe to use
4. Velvet surface adds particular charm to this stool
5. An indispensable part of dresser
6. Swivel seat with 360 degrees and adjustable lift height

1. Material: Metal,Upholstered (Seat),Casters,Composite Wood
2. Style: Modernamp; leisure
3. Dimensions: 22.4'' x 24.2'' x 32~36.4"H
4. Weight: 23.15lbs
5. Finish: Velvetamp; Golden Feet

?Package Includes:
1 x Velvet Chair

SSLine Home Office Chair,Modern Velvet Living Room Chair Velvet

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