Chroma Color Collection Tungsten Carbide Band Ring Complete Free Shipping Wedding f 6mm $68 Chroma Color Collection Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring 6mm f Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Collection,Chroma,Color,f,Carbide,Wedding,$68,Tungsten,6mm,Band,,Ring,/changeable459737.html Chroma Color Collection Tungsten Carbide Band Ring Complete Free Shipping Wedding f 6mm $68 Chroma Color Collection Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring 6mm f Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Collection,Chroma,Color,f,Carbide,Wedding,$68,Tungsten,6mm,Band,,Ring,/changeable459737.html

It is very popular Chroma Color Collection Tungsten Carbide Band Ring Complete Free Shipping Wedding f 6mm

Chroma Color Collection Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring 6mm f


Chroma Color Collection Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring 6mm f

Product Description


To elevate your engagement with a beautifully crafted designer wedding band that you’ll be proud to wear everyday. As co-designer, your bragging rights are included, as we design with you in mind. Playful, sexy and modern, these bands are durable, attainable, personalized and certified for life.

Our bands are offered with personalized engraving because we get that there’s a private language between the two of you. P. Manoukian is the perfect wedding band, anniversary ring, promise ring, purity ring, or everyday accessory for everyone - from the honest modernist hiding in all of us to the lucky modern romantic couple looking for the most exquisite and durable ring for your special day.


Daily wear and tear will quickly scratch and oxidize a traditional gold wedding band, forcing you to send your already pricey ring in for costly maintenance every few years. Tungsten Carbide is an extremely strong metal which takes much more and much longer daily wear and tear to show signs of scratching.

On the hardness scale, diamonds rank at 10, tungsten carbide rings sit at 9.5. Compare that to platinum with a hardness of 4, white gold with a hardness of 3, and even titanium with a hardness of 6 and you can see that Tungsten Carbide gives you the strongest option at a fraction of the cost.

Tungsten carbide is 10 times harder than 18K Gold and twice as strong as steel with double the density!


1. Please keep in mind that the two hands slightly differ in size, a ring worn on the left hand may not fit perfectly on the same finger on the right hand.

2. Do not measure when your finger is hot or cold.

3. Make sure the measurement you choose easily fits over your knuckle.


All of our rings are comfort fit. These rings have a globular like shape inside the ring which in turn makes the ring structure comfortable to wear as it does not touch the skin all the way. This globular like shape causes the ring to size approximately a half size larger than regular fit. This means that if you are a Standard Fit ring size 11, by design default the Comfort Fit ring size would be a 10.5.

Love by Design.

Chroma Color Collection Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring 6mm f


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