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Queen Bed Frame Metal 14 Inch Foldable Queen Size Platform Bed F


Queen Bed Frame Metal 14 Inch Foldable Queen Size Platform Bed F

Product description

Nouva metal platform foldable bed frame is made of premium steel with a powder-coated steel finish, features a unique reliable metal platform that takes the place of a box spring, saving you money and the hassle of placing a box spring. Whether as a teen or adult bedroom permanent bed frame, or as a guest bed, you and your family will love this durable, sturdy design from Nouva!

- Fully sturdy, and also allows the frame to fold away for easy storage.
- Using the button locking system, so the bed frame structure is stable, no shaking and no noisy.
- No box spring required - just use the mattress.
- Very easy to move. Much easier and more compact than a box spring.
- Great for camping or for an over night guest.
- Great for apartment dwellers and other renters who move fairly often.
- Standard queen size, maximum weight capacity of 661 pounds.
- It also provides 14 inches of clearance beneath your bed that you can use for storage, it frees up more space in your room.

Material: 100% Iron
Color: black
Net Weight: 40.34 lbs
Queen Bed Size: 80×60×14inches(L x W x H)
Single Bed Size: 80×30×14inches (L x W x H)
Iron Frame Thickness: 1mm
Wire Diameter: 4mm
Weight Capability: 661 lbs

Package Included:
1 x Bed Frame
1 x Assembly Manual

Queen Bed Frame Metal 14 Inch Foldable Queen Size Platform Bed F


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