$149 TROPICAL Beach Parrot Cornhole Boards Regulation Size Game Set B Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $149 TROPICAL Beach Parrot Cornhole Boards Regulation Size Game Set B Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $149,Regulation,Parrot,B,Game,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Beach,Boards,/chiller30321.html,TROPICAL,Size,to-on.info,Set,Cornhole $149,Regulation,Parrot,B,Game,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Beach,Boards,/chiller30321.html,TROPICAL,Size,to-on.info,Set,Cornhole NEW before selling TROPICAL Beach Parrot Cornhole Boards B Size Regulation Set Game NEW before selling TROPICAL Beach Parrot Cornhole Boards B Size Regulation Set Game

NEW before selling TROPICAL Beach Parrot Max 67% OFF Cornhole Boards B Size Regulation Set Game

TROPICAL Beach Parrot Cornhole Boards Regulation Size Game Set B


TROPICAL Beach Parrot Cornhole Boards Regulation Size Game Set B

Product description

This top of the line Cornhole Set is sure to bring life to any party.

Set comes ready to play with 8 bags of your choice!

2 Official size cornhole boards with 8 ACA Regulation Bags

This cornhole set conforms to American Cornhole Association guidelines. They are made using a premium 2x4 frame and 1/2" sanded plywood playing surface. Each set has folding 2x4 legs secured with galvanized bolts. Cornhole Boards meet all cornhole specifications and measure 24x48. Boards are made of all wood with 1/2 inch plywood on the top routed and in-laid in a frame made of poplar wood. No nails or screw holes here!

Our bags are tournament-grade with regulation size and weight. Our bags are handmade using durable duck cloth material measuring 6"x6" and weigh between 15-16 ounces as prescribed by ACA regulations. Bags are filled with premium whole kernel corn.

We offer 17 total colors to choose from:
Navy Blue
Baby Blue
Hunter Green
Kelly Green

TROPICAL Beach Parrot Cornhole Boards Regulation Size Game Set B

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