Solid Cheap bargain 10k Gold Solitaire Diamond Lucky Elephant Openwork Pendant $118 Solid 10k Gold Solitaire Diamond Openwork Lucky Elephant Pendant Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women /compensation278710.html,10k,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Diamond,Lucky,Solitaire,$118,Pendant,Openwork,,Solid,Gold,Elephant /compensation278710.html,10k,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Diamond,Lucky,Solitaire,$118,Pendant,Openwork,,Solid,Gold,Elephant Solid Cheap bargain 10k Gold Solitaire Diamond Lucky Elephant Openwork Pendant $118 Solid 10k Gold Solitaire Diamond Openwork Lucky Elephant Pendant Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Solid Cheap bargain 10k Gold New mail order Solitaire Diamond Lucky Elephant Openwork Pendant

Solid 10k Gold Solitaire Diamond Openwork Lucky Elephant Pendant


Solid 10k Gold Solitaire Diamond Openwork Lucky Elephant Pendant

Product description

An interesting piece of handcrafted jewelry, the Elephant Charm Pendant Necklace with diamond solitaire gemstone will be a great addition to your collection. This hip and trendy pendant necklace was polished to perfection by our best jewelry makers.
This Elephant Charm Necklace represents the individual's mental strength. With its excellent memory and lifespan, elephants are a symbol of wisdom and experience.
They are regarded not only as a mighty animal but also a powerful weapon in different civilizations, religious traditions, mythologies, and cultures. They also symbolize strength, power and success.


Rolo Chain size 0.5 mm
Bail Fits up to a 3.5 mm chain
Pendant Height with Bail:1.04"(26.42 mm)
Pendant Height Without Bail: 0.85" (21.59 mm)
Pendant Width: 0.94" (23.88 mm)
Pendant Depth (average): 0.05" (1.27 mm)

Solid 10k Gold Solitaire Diamond Openwork Lucky Elephant Pendant

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Health and Fitness
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