$107 Godspeed AK-038-I Adjustable Rear Camber Kit With Spherical Bear Automotive Replacement Parts $107 Godspeed AK-038-I Adjustable Rear Camber Kit With Spherical Bear Automotive Replacement Parts to-on.info,Rear,With,Spherical,$107,/corella278731.html,AK-038-I,Kit,Bear,Camber,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Adjustable,Godspeed to-on.info,Rear,With,Spherical,$107,/corella278731.html,AK-038-I,Kit,Bear,Camber,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Adjustable,Godspeed Godspeed AK-038-I Adjustable Rear Camber Cheap mail order sales Kit With Bear Spherical Godspeed AK-038-I Adjustable Rear Camber Cheap mail order sales Kit With Bear Spherical

Godspeed AK-038-I service Adjustable Rear Camber Cheap mail order sales Kit With Bear Spherical

Godspeed AK-038-I Adjustable Rear Camber Kit With Spherical Bear


Godspeed AK-038-I Adjustable Rear Camber Kit With Spherical Bear

Product description

Lowering a vehicle will often take it out of factory OE alignment specification. A large majority of OE suspension components does not have any camber or toe angle adjustment. With out of spec alignment will result in poor handling and will results in premature uneven tire wear.

Designed for intended vehicle, this kit will help your lowered car not only drive better, but your tires will have longer lifespan as well. Godspeed's camber kits are designed to be reliable for daily driving yet strong enough for high performance and race use.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Alloy For Durability
  • Allows Camber/Toe Angle Adjustment When Lowering Your Car
  • Improve Handling And Increase Lifespan of Tires
  • Power Coat For Anti-Corrosion Finish
  • Adjustment Range: +/- 3 Degree

Godspeed AK-038-I Adjustable Rear Camber Kit With Spherical Bear

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