Mile,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Black,Suspension,Big,444-4059B,,$430,/domiciliary459707.html,Progressive,Standard,11.5",R Progressive Suspension 444-4059B Black 11.5" Mile Free shipping / New R Standard Big $430 Progressive Suspension 444-4059B Black 11.5" Standard Big Mile R Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $430 Progressive Suspension 444-4059B Black 11.5" Standard Big Mile R Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Mile,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Black,Suspension,Big,444-4059B,,$430,/domiciliary459707.html,Progressive,Standard,11.5",R Progressive Suspension 444-4059B Black 11.5" Mile Free shipping / New R Standard Big

Progressive Suspension 444-4059B Black 11.5

Progressive Suspension 444-4059B Black 11.5" Standard Big Mile R


Progressive Suspension 444-4059B Black 11.5" Standard Big Mile R

Product description

After more than a decade of ruling the roads with the road proven 440 Series shocks, unveiled another breakthrough design. Dubbed Frequency Sensing Technology (FST) for its unique ability to dynamically adjust damping as you ride. The result is superior performance no matter the road conditions. A top mount threaded preload adjuster allows for fine tuning with a simple twist of the cap. Deflective disc valve. Adjust spring pre-load by hand, no special tool needed. Progressive rate spring. Standard spring rate and chrome finish.

Progressive Suspension 444-4059B Black 11.5" Standard Big Mile R

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