SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Los Angeles Mall 4 Stroke Engine Mot Superior Outboard 4.0HP SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Los Angeles Mall 4 Stroke Engine Mot Superior Outboard 4.0HP $294 SEA DOG WATER SPORTS 4 Stroke 4.0HP Superior Engine Outboard Mot Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $294 SEA DOG WATER SPORTS 4 Stroke 4.0HP Superior Engine Outboard Mot Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Engine,SEA,WATER,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$294,4.0HP,Mot,Superior,Stroke,/extrinsical30470.html,4,SPORTS,Outboard,DOG Engine,SEA,WATER,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$294,4.0HP,Mot,Superior,Stroke,/extrinsical30470.html,4,SPORTS,Outboard,DOG

SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Los Angeles Mall 4 Stroke Engine Mot Superior SALENEW very popular! Outboard 4.0HP

SEA DOG WATER SPORTS 4 Stroke 4.0HP Superior Engine Outboard Mot


SEA DOG WATER SPORTS 4 Stroke 4.0HP Superior Engine Outboard Mot

Product description

Product parameters:
1. Model: Single cylinder,4 stroke,air cooled ;2. Displacement:53.20cc.
3. The maximum power output:2.8KW;4. Range of operation for throttle opening:5000--6000RPM
5. Starting system:Manual starting;6. Ignition system:C.D.I.
7. Starting carburetor circuit:Choke valve starting
8. Transmission ratio:2.08(27/13);9. Ratio for engine and screw gear:2:1
10.Propeller diameter:18cm.11.N.W.:10.88KGS.
12.Carton Size(L×W×H):92×32×29cm;13.Transom plate height (cm):72.35
Tips: 1.Please bring your life jacket and paddle. prepare enough fuel according to the distance of the your voyage.
2.The motor should be started under water when you are using,please do not start the motor on the land.
3.When you add the 4srtoke oil into the motor,please do not lay it down.
4.Please check the status of engine oil before every time you using.Make sure that the engine oil can reach the second scale of oil level gauge.
5.Clean the air filter each time after 5 hours operating.
6.If buyers do not add, or add less oil,or add more oil that damage the machine, buyers need to bear the corresponding consequences themselves.
7.When the 4 stroke air-cooled outboard motor works continuously, the crankcase temperature should not exceed 90 degrees. When it is overheated, it shuould be stopped about 20minutes and then continue to start it. The addition of asoline must be carried out in the refrigeration.

SEA DOG WATER SPORTS 4 Stroke 4.0HP Superior Engine Outboard Mot

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