Home Kitchen , Bath,1,Bath,$28,Succulent,to-on.info,Naanle,Sets,,/extrinsical30670.html,Set,Watercolor,Towel,Towel,3-Piece Naanle 3-Piece Towel Set Watercolor 1 High material Sets Succulent Bath Home Kitchen , Bath,1,Bath,$28,Succulent,to-on.info,Naanle,Sets,,/extrinsical30670.html,Set,Watercolor,Towel,Towel,3-Piece $28 Naanle 3-Piece Towel Set,Watercolor Succulent Bath Towel Sets, 1 Home Kitchen Bath $28 Naanle 3-Piece Towel Set,Watercolor Succulent Bath Towel Sets, 1 Home Kitchen Bath Naanle 3-Piece Towel Set Watercolor 1 High material Sets Succulent Bath

Naanle 3-Piece Towel Set Watercolor 1 High material Sets Limited time sale Succulent Bath

Naanle 3-Piece Towel Set,Watercolor Succulent Bath Towel Sets, 1


Naanle 3-Piece Towel Set,Watercolor Succulent Bath Towel Sets, 1

Product description

Naanle Watercolor Succulent Vintage Cactus Floral Eucalyptus Leaf Branch Print Three-piece towel set Soft Bath Towel Washcloth Absorbent Hand Towels Shower Towel,3-piece towel set bath towel sets include 1 bath towel 1 hand towel 1 washcloth absorbent soft towels quick drying multipurpose for bathroom hotel gym yoga spa

Three-piece towel set includes 1 Bath Towel, 1 Hand Towel amp; 1 Washcloth, to meet the daily needs of various towel styles.
1 Bath Towel size : 30" x 60" / (76.2cm x 152.4cm)
1 Hand Towel size : 16" x 28" / (40.5cm x 71cm)
1 Washcloth size : 13" x 13" / (33cm x 33cm)

3 piece towel set Soft Bath Towel Washcloth Highly Absorbent Hand Towel Multipurpose Towels for Bathroom Hotel Gym Yoga Spa

Material: Polyester (printed surface) + pure cotton;Highly absorbent, light-weighted. Gives the body a soft and delicate touch while absorbing the moisture;
Customized single-sided printed towels, machine washable, quick Drying; Lightweight towels quickly absorbs moisture;
Feature: Light, breathable, sweat-absorbent and refreshing. No fading, no velvet, soft and skin-friendly, easy to carry;
Be suitable for Gym, sports field, swimming pool, running, variety of occasions; Perfect decorative towel for bath, hotel, office, spa, beach, pool, Indoor amp; Outdoor Sport activities, etc; It's also an ideal to use as a wedding/anniversary/Christmas/Valentine's Day/Birthday/Mother's Day/Holiday gift or even student gift.

Note: The product is not suitable for high temperature washing above 40 degrees. Note that the fiber towel has a white background. After washing, do not wring it dry, and smooth it in the direction of the hair to keep the original pattern.

Naanle 3-Piece Towel Set,Watercolor Succulent Bath Towel Sets, 1

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