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Brown Dreadlock Extensions Human Hair Inch Rapid rise AONKIA Under blast sales 0.8cm width 8

Brown Dreadlock Extensions Human Hair,AONKIA 0.8cm width 8 Inch


Brown Dreadlock Extensions Human Hair,AONKIA 0.8cm width 8 Inch

Product Description


loc extensions human hair


  • 100% Human Hair Material, soft Dread Extensions, natural and Can Be Bleached and Dyed. Daily use, travel, party, performance etc. Suitable for any occasion and season.
  • Professional Factory direct sales, No middlemen and profit exploitation, We offer best quality products.

DREAD EXTENSIONS --- WIDTH: 0.6CM amp; 0.8CM --- COLOR: 1B# amp; 27# Blonde amp; 30# Brown --- LENGTH: 8 amp; 10 amp; 12 INCH

dread locs hair burn test

  • The Human Hair Dreadlocks Extensons need to be pampered for a longer life: Don't stretch too hard;Always crochet to make it tighter;Prepare some short afro kinkys bulk for repair at any time.
  • If you want to dye or install the dreadlocks, the best way is to find a local professional hair salon to help you, which will avoid damaging your dreadlocks.

AONKIA 100% Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions


Brown Dreadlock Extensions Human Hair,AONKIA 0.8cm width 8 Inch

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