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Dalle Piane Cashmere - Pashmina 100% cashmere Manufacturer OFFicial online shop shop Made in Italy

Dalle Piane Cashmere - Pashmina 100% cashmere - Made in Italy -


Dalle Piane Cashmere - Pashmina 100% cashmere - Made in Italy -

Product description

The pure cashmere pashmina is handcrafted in the laboratory of Maglificio Angorelle in Tuscany and belongs to the Dalle Piane Cashmere collection. Following a careful design, the collection is created by combining modern technologies with craftsmanship. The casual and exquisite accessory keeps warm on cold days and during an elegant evening; it donates comfort and adds a sophisticated touch to your outfit. The soft and casual accessory can be combined with different styles and it is available in many colours. It is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. The 100% cashmere fabric is finely created and handcrafted to guarantee the best quality.

Dalle Piane Cashmere - Pashmina 100% cashmere - Made in Italy -

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