$91 LETATA Stressless Recliner with Ottoman Ergonomic Massage Chair Home Kitchen Furniture Massage,/hermitess30901.html,$91,with,to-on.info,Chair,LETATA,Ottoman,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Stressless,Recliner,Ergonomic $91 LETATA Stressless Recliner with Ottoman Ergonomic Massage Chair Home Kitchen Furniture LETATA Stressless Recliner with Chair Massage Fashionable Ergonomic Ottoman LETATA Stressless Recliner with Chair Massage Fashionable Ergonomic Ottoman Massage,/hermitess30901.html,$91,with,to-on.info,Chair,LETATA,Ottoman,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Stressless,Recliner,Ergonomic

LETATA Stressless Recliner with shipfree Chair Massage Fashionable Ergonomic Ottoman

LETATA Stressless Recliner with Ottoman Ergonomic Massage Chair


LETATA Stressless Recliner with Ottoman Ergonomic Massage Chair

Product description


Description: Are you looking for a modern, elegant, comfortable recliner to enrich your leisure time? Are you waiting for a massage chair with an ergonomic design amp; suitable ottoman to ease fatigue? Here the optimal choice comes! Reclining chair back with the force of your weight, meets your demand for different massages with the 4-point massage function, 8 modes of vibration and15/30 mintime setting. This recliner with ottoman provides superior comfort for relaxing. Ergonomic segment backrest and extra lumbar pillow provide advanced ergonomic support, perfect protection for your lumbar and cervical spine, allowing you torelax. Thick sponge wrapped with modern PU leather, sturdy metal frame ensures the freely reclining and swivel. The wide armrests offer proper support for this black leather chair and the ottoman provides enough space for your body to stretch your body thoroughly. Look no further for your perfect massage chair offered at an incredible price! Feature: 1.4-point massage function, with 8 modes of vibration and 15/30 min time setting 2. Considerate storage pocket properly place the massage remote and chargers 3. Manual recline set offers optimum position 4. Plush amp; stable armrests and fixed ottomans provide space for stretching the body thoroughly. 5. Unique double thick cushion ensures a snug fit with your curves 6. 360 swivel base enhances more convenience for relaxing 7. Thick sponge wrapped with cleanable PU leather provides superior comfort 8. Sturdy metal frame ensures the freely reclining and swivel 9. Ergonomic segment backrest and extra lumbar pillow provide advanced ergonomic support Specification: Color: Black Material: PU Leather+ Iron Frame +Sponge Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

LETATA Stressless Recliner with Ottoman Ergonomic Massage Chair

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