Art,USOPHIA,King,Duvet,$77,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Flowers,3pc,/heterocellular408058.html,Cover,Hummingbirds,with,,Set, Art,USOPHIA,King,Duvet,$77,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Flowers,3pc,/heterocellular408058.html,Cover,Hummingbirds,with,,Set, USOPHIA 3pc Luxury King Duvet Cover Hummingbirds with Flowers Art Set $77 USOPHIA 3pc King Duvet Cover Set, Hummingbirds Art with Flowers Home Kitchen Bedding $77 USOPHIA 3pc King Duvet Cover Set, Hummingbirds Art with Flowers Home Kitchen Bedding USOPHIA 3pc Luxury King Duvet Cover Hummingbirds with Flowers Art Set

Max 80% OFF USOPHIA 3pc Luxury King Duvet Cover Hummingbirds with Flowers Art Set

USOPHIA 3pc King Duvet Cover Set, Hummingbirds Art with Flowers


USOPHIA 3pc King Duvet Cover Set, Hummingbirds Art with Flowers

Product description

Size:California King

Item Contains

1x Duvet cover

2 x Pillow shams

Note: comforter sold separately ,not included in the set


Corner ties, to keep your duvet insert in place.
Zipper closure, convenient to get the duvet in and out.

Easy Care

Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low, do not bleach.

Size Information

Twin - duvet cover 68"x86"(172x218cm) ,2 piece Pillowcase 20"x30"(50x70cm).
Full - duvet cover 86"x86"(220x220cm), 2 piece Pillowcase 20"x30"(50x70cm).
Queen - duvet cover 90"x92"(230x235cm), 2 piece Pillowcase 20"x30"(50x70cm).
King - duvet cover 90"x106"(235x270cm), 2 piece Pillowcase 20"x30"(50x70cm).


1. Due to different standards of queen sizes of bed sets between different countries, the real size may not be what you anticipate… please refer to specification for measurements.
2. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.
3. Actual color may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions. Please forgive a few small flaws, anyway it is beautiful and worth the price.

USOPHIA 3pc King Duvet Cover Set, Hummingbirds Art with Flowers

Shoulder-Heating-Pads-Heated-Wrap - Portable 3 Type Heating Set

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