$74 Bobbi Boss Unprocessed Human Hair HD Lace Part Wig MediFresh 4.5 Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Bobbi Boss Unprocessed Human Hair HD Discount is also underway Lace Part MediFresh 4.5 Wig Bobbi Boss Unprocessed Human Hair HD Discount is also underway Lace Part MediFresh 4.5 Wig MediFresh,Wig,to-on.info,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$74,/homocercal283125.html,Lace,Part,Boss,Human,Unprocessed,Hair,HD,4.5,Bobbi MediFresh,Wig,to-on.info,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$74,/homocercal283125.html,Lace,Part,Boss,Human,Unprocessed,Hair,HD,4.5,Bobbi $74 Bobbi Boss Unprocessed Human Hair HD Lace Part Wig MediFresh 4.5 Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Bobbi Boss Unprocessed Human Hair HD Manufacturer OFFicial shop Discount is also underway Lace Part MediFresh 4.5 Wig

Bobbi Boss Unprocessed Human Hair HD Lace Part Wig MediFresh 4.5


Bobbi Boss Unprocessed Human Hair HD Lace Part Wig MediFresh 4.5

Product description


Bobbi Boss Unprocessed Human Hair HD Lace Part Wig 4.5" Deep Lace MHLP0007 Marcy

Color Shown: TFHN30
"Colors of image and actual product may slightly vary based on screen resolution."


  • 100% Unprocessed
  • Hand-Tied Lace Part
  • Face-Framing highlights


  • WET
    Gently remove tangles using a wide tooth comb, Run lukewarm water over unit using a showerhead, wetting entirely.

  • SHAMPOO Apply a quarter sized amount of shampoo and lather gently, using fingers to work lather all the way through the cap. Do not rub or use circular motions.

  • RINSE Rinse thoroughly with cold water making sure there is no residue left. Apply conditioner to the ends, avoiding the roots and cap completely, then rinse.

  • AIR DRY Gently squeeze out moisture using a towel, Leave on wig stand to air dry overnight
  • Bobbi Boss Unprocessed Human Hair HD Lace Part Wig MediFresh 4.5

    UK: 0191 410 4292

    Exports: +44 (0) 117 935 9421


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