Microwave,Rack,,Baker's,Large,Workstation,,/ileon278257.html,Ca,to-on.info,Stand,$42,Oven,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Kitchen $42 Kitchen Baker's Rack, Microwave Oven Stand Workstation, Large Ca Home Kitchen Furniture Kitchen Baker's Rack Microwave Oven Workstation Large Ranking TOP16 Ca Stand Microwave,Rack,,Baker's,Large,Workstation,,/ileon278257.html,Ca,to-on.info,Stand,$42,Oven,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Kitchen Kitchen Baker's Rack Microwave Oven Workstation Large Ranking TOP16 Ca Stand $42 Kitchen Baker's Rack, Microwave Oven Stand Workstation, Large Ca Home Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Baker's Rack Microwave Oven Workstation Large Ranking TOP16 Ca Stand Excellent

Kitchen Baker's Rack, Microwave Oven Stand Workstation, Large Ca


Kitchen Baker's Rack, Microwave Oven Stand Workstation, Large Ca

Product description



Design:With 3-Tier design, you can store toaster, spice, dishes, and any other items you want. The sturdy top panel is being able to store and hold a microwave and other kitchen appliances.

High Quality Material:This stander frame utilizes duty and powder-coated metal materials, which ensures stability and durability, two storage baskets provide more storage space.

Fast Installation amp; Easy Cleaning: the utility rack table is need to be assembled by yourself.Tools and instructions that needed are included in the package. It's easy to put it together with the detailed instructions.And with wet cloth you can wipe dirty stain easily from the smooth surface.


Product Name: Kitchen shelves.

Product color: Black walnut color.

Product weight: 20.0 pounds.

Material: steel, plate type.

Function: adapt to a variety of home styles, multi-purpose use.

Product size: 31.5 x 13.0 x 29.5 inches (80x33x75 cm)

Packing size: 35.4 x 13.8 x 3.9 inches (90x35x10 cm)

Product Assurance: The product has been rigorously tested, carrying a certain weight or standing for a period of time without deformation and bending.

Package Included:

1x Kitchen Baker's Rack

Kitchen Baker's Rack, Microwave Oven Stand Workstation, Large Ca

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