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2060 pants Bugs - Bunny (15) Throw Couch Ranking Miami Mall integrated 1st place Blankets a Print 3D

2060 pants Bugs - Bunny (15) 3D Print Throw Blankets Couch a


2060 pants Bugs - Bunny (15) 3D Print Throw Blankets Couch a

Product description

Product selling point:

After A Long Day Of Work, Pull It Back And Enjoy The Amazing Comfort Of This Blanket. These Hooded Blankets Are The Perfect Gift For The Four Seasons.


Machine wash on cold, gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low; always wash fleece alone or with other fleece blankets and clothing that is similar in texture to prevent abrasion; never use bleach on a fleece blanket


Thin, lightweight and Breathable for all season use, perfect for summer; This blanket is designed to be simple but elegant, easily coordinates or enhances existing bedding or home décor; suitable for all seasons, a good choice for household,camping, office and backpacking; Delicately packed, great choice for gifting for people of all ages

Size Information:

S - 50" x 40"(127CM x 102CM)

M - 60" x 50"(153CM x 127CM)

L - 80" x 60"(153CM x 127CM)

2060 pants Bugs - Bunny (15) 3D Print Throw Blankets Couch a

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