Belfast,Mini,$140,Shelf,,01,Cabinet,,F,/ileon526757.html,02,,Boahaus,Wood,4,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Bar,Drawers, $140 Boahaus Belfast Mini Bar Cabinet, 02 Drawers, 01 Shelf, 4 Wood F Home Kitchen Furniture Boahaus Belfast Mini Bar Cabinet 02 Wood 4 Spring new work Shelf F Drawers 01 Boahaus Belfast Mini Bar Cabinet 02 Wood 4 Spring new work Shelf F Drawers 01 Belfast,Mini,$140,Shelf,,01,Cabinet,,F,/ileon526757.html,02,,Boahaus,Wood,4,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Bar,Drawers, $140 Boahaus Belfast Mini Bar Cabinet, 02 Drawers, 01 Shelf, 4 Wood F Home Kitchen Furniture

Boahaus Belfast Mini Bar Cabinet 02 Wood 4 Spring new work Shelf F Drawers 01 Los Angeles Mall

Boahaus Belfast Mini Bar Cabinet, 02 Drawers, 01 Shelf, 4 Wood F


Boahaus Belfast Mini Bar Cabinet, 02 Drawers, 01 Shelf, 4 Wood F

Product description

Are you looking for the best complement to your small living room? The Belfast Mini Bar is the ideal cabinet for small places without losing much storage space. Keep hidden and well storage your best wine bottles inside the two drawers. Inside you can storage up to 8 bottles (4 in each drawer). In the open shelf you can place the glass stemware, your best spirits and an ice bucket. Made from manufactured wood with laminate veneer and solid wood feet, it takes a modern clean-lined shape that will fit on every room. On top you can keep a decorative gadget to complement your living room decor. Overall, it measures 35.25” H x 20.88” W x 17.50” D. Assembly is required, and it must be attached to the wall.

Boahaus Belfast Mini Bar Cabinet, 02 Drawers, 01 Shelf, 4 Wood F

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