Levan Home 55" Mid-Century Modern TV Walnut Console and in 55% OFF Stand Levan Home 55" Mid-Century Modern TV Walnut Console and in 55% OFF Stand $128 Levan Home 55" Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Console in Walnut and Home Kitchen Furniture $128 Levan Home 55" Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Console in Walnut and Home Kitchen Furniture Console,Walnut,Modern,Home,TV,in,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$128,Levan,/ileon526957.html,to-on.info,Stand,and,55",Mid-Century Console,Walnut,Modern,Home,TV,in,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$128,Levan,/ileon526957.html,to-on.info,Stand,and,55",Mid-Century

Levan Home 55

Levan Home 55" Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Console in Walnut and


Levan Home 55" Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Console in Walnut and

Product description


Harness the iconic energy of mid-century modern style with this 55 TV Stand.

Features :

Finish: Walnut and White
Material: Wood
Mid-Century Style 55 TV Stand
Full-Extension Glide Drawer
Smooth Wood Grain Veneer
Durable Particleboard
White Lacquer Drawer
Splayed And Tapered Legs
Assembly Required.

Specifications :

Product Dimensions : 16'' H x 55'' W x 15.5'' D
Product Weight : 36 lbs.

Levan Home 55" Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Console in Walnut and

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