$161 Djembe Afrika, 26" tall, 12-13" head Musical Instruments Drums Percussion $161 Djembe Afrika, 26" tall, 12-13" head Musical Instruments Drums Percussion tall,,Djembe,/imprudentness278615.html,to-on.info,Afrika,,head,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,$161,12-13",26" Djembe Afrika 26" NEW head tall 12-13" tall,,Djembe,/imprudentness278615.html,to-on.info,Afrika,,head,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,$161,12-13",26" Djembe Afrika 26" NEW head tall 12-13"

Djembe Max 64% OFF Afrika 26

Djembe Afrika, 26" tall, 12-13" head


Djembe Afrika, 26" tall, 12-13" head

Product description

These drums with African carvings are an absolute eye-catcher. They are made of Mahogany wood and are expensively adorned. They are covered with natural goat skin and have a complete sound range with an excellent bass

Djembe Afrika, 26" tall, 12-13" head


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