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Chatham Max 73% OFF 9 Light Chandelier unisex

Chatham 9 Light Chandelier


Chatham 9 Light Chandelier

Product description


Inspired by the sea, this coastal collection features a simple design with authentic, nautical details. Tied in sailor's knots, woven ropes loop metal cleats before being suspended from maritime hooks. The contrast between the color and texture of the rope and metalwork creates visual interest. Created to be hung with the lamps facing up or down, the transitional fixtures are versatile. This look is perfect for seaside retreats, casual lofts, and rustic bungalows. This 9-Light chandelier creates a dramatic focal point and is graciously sized for larger living and dining areas.

Chatham 9 Light Chandelier


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In a world where diversity is ever more important, there are more and more alternative views and perspectives. This month’s word, the prefix alt-, is used to form many words that express these different viewpoints.

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