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Houssem Rustic Cheap Selling Console Sofa Table Industrial Entryw Long 47.2’’

Houssem Rustic Console Sofa Table, 47.2’’ Long Industrial Entryw


Houssem Rustic Console Sofa Table, 47.2’’ Long Industrial Entryw

Product description

☺Warmly Welcome to Our Store :)


Our Houssem 3 Tiers industrial storage sofa table is made of high quality brown MDF board and strong steel frame, which is sturdy and durable enough. The vintage organizing tv stand table is perfect for storing books, magazines, small plants, family photos, stationery, etc. The retro considerate design helps saving home space and bring the enjoyment of beauty.


The retro wood storage sofa table helps saving space and also providing an exquisite appearance.

This modern tv console for home is vintage, beautiful, stylish and practical design that adds the artistic taste for life.

The double X shaped back support greatly enhance the stability of the sofa table.

Textured surface of the board and sturdy steel frame protects the storage table from daily wear and tear, easy to care.

Humanized bottom adjustable pads help protecting the legs of this bench and prevents floor tear.


Material: Particle Board + Steel Frame

Color: Brown amp; Black

Max Load Capacity of Each Tier: 150LBS/75LBS

Dimensions: Overall Approx 47.2" L x 13.2" W x 30" H


1. Keep away from fire or extreme heat.

2. Please make sure all the screws fit into the holes properly.

3. The screws couldn’t be tightened until finishing the whole assemble.

4. If the shelves aren’t flat or asymmetrical, please adjust the position screws to try again.

☻Package Includes:

1 x 3 Tier Storage Sofa Table Only

☻Warm Notes:

Because the various display of the computer/phone screen, the picture may slightly different, thanks so much for your kind understanding :)

Houssem Rustic Console Sofa Table, 47.2’’ Long Industrial Entryw


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