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Bosch Professional 1x Expert Construction Material Hole Ranking TOP17 8 Saw Ø Max 46% OFF

Bosch Professional 1x Expert Construction Material Hole Saw (Ø 8


Bosch Professional 1x Expert Construction Material Hole Saw (Ø 8

Product description

Size:Ø 86 mm

Lasts up to 50x longer than HCS hole saw in tough materials

Cutting holes in brick, soft tiles and drywall is essential for plumbers and electricians on a building site or during renovation work. Few hole saws can withstand this kind of work in a mixture of tough construction materials, but the Expert Construction Material can. This one hole saw serves, and lasts, for many jobs.

With just a few huge carbide teeth on its steel body, the Expert Construction Material delivers a real bite. Its large slots are optimised for fast chip removal, so it eats through anything from brick to wood and particle boards, fast. Bosch Carbide Technology is an optimum mix of the hardest metals, and ensures an extremely long life.

The Bosch Expert Construction Material Hole Saw is a robust hole saw that is very useful on the building site and offers great value to professionals because it is so long-lasting.

For use with the Bosch Power Change Plus keyless arbor: offering accuracy and robustness.

Technische Daten: Diameter mm: 86 Diameter inches: 3 1/2 Working length mm: 60

Bosch Professional 1x Expert Construction Material Hole Saw (Ø 8

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